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How Dry Bones Rise

When the Holy Spirit wanted to raise up an army, It used Ezekiel. When It wanted to show Its holy power on Pentecost, It used the disciples. How might It be planning to use us?

Meet the Blogger

Welcome to Call the Wind

Christina is a believer in Christ who is dedicated to exploring matters of the faith, one intentional conversation at a time. Her passions in ministry include working with youth, girls’ discipleship, and worship through music. Christina has a Masters in Social Work and practices in the field of housing and community development. She lives in *Central* New Jersey with her loving husband, Allen, and their furry angel, Cody.

Why “Call the Wind?”

In the valley of the dry bones (Ezekiel Chapter 37), the Lord could have made the dry bones come to life on His own, but He instructed Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones and only then sent His Spirit to make them come alive. The significance of our submission in God’s work is present throughout the Scriptures and should not be forgotten today. God can achieve His purposes without us but He calls the Body of Christ (the Church) to listen and bring about His Kingdom. The mission of “Call the Wind” is to explore topics keeping us from reaching our full potential in peace and unity, and how we can seek the Holy Spirit’s intervention to bring these dry bones back to life.

Recent Entries

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1.19.2020 – My experience within the body of believers.



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