“Christians Are Hypocrites”

How come people say Christians are hypocrites? They don’t practice what they preach, you say? They preach love, forgiveness, chastity, kindness etc etc. But the rest of the world is not preaching these things. The rest of the world may not have the same values, so when they don’t follow those “Christian values”, they don’t stand out as much. They blend in.

When non-believers sin, it might often go unnoticed, but when Christians sin, it is so apparent and clear. The world IS sin, so sin on sin is unnoticeable. But when believers sin it’s like stains or dirt on a white garment. It points out not only how imperfect we are, as is the rest of humanity, but how holy our God is! How amazing is that! That when measured to the standards he sets for us, any impurity can be visible.. because He is so holy and so good. It just shows that we need him all the more.

I’ve had friends tell me before that they aren’t good enough to go to church and they would feel like a hypocrite going. The Lord Himself said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Matthew 9:12). We are ALL sick with this sinful human condition. My sin does not make me closer to God or more loved by God than you.

When you see a self-professed Christian and you think, “They are such a terrible person, how can they go to church and preach these things?” Remember that ALL of us fall so short of the mark God sets for us (see Romans 3:23), and that is why we need Him and that is why he sent Jesus. So that Christian NEEDS to be in church.. and they need to be professing those things they are not following to remind themselves that they too need to follow it. What’s great about Christian community is accountability. Communicating to one another in love our shortcomings and encouraging one another.

But the beauty of recognizing our shortcomings is that He has done something so radical that will wash us clean, and we will wear white too.. One day we will be one garment. The decision you have to make is whether or not you want to be on Jesus’ white one, or the world’s dark one.

White Garment
by Christina Tello

You see what I do
You want me closer to you
With every breath that I breathe

I’m far from the mark
I know who You are
You keep raising the bar for my life

I’m not perfect
I just know that my God says I’m worth it
And so are you
It’s the truth

Our sin is like stains on a white garment
So leap without a harness
Giving in is the hardest
Let His Love wash over you

Lord, please forgive me my shortcomings, because they are many, though often well-disguised. Thank You for Your Son Jesus.. that I may be blameless in Him for what He has done.


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