“The Narcissist Woods; a Short Story”

This story is dedicated to survivors and victims of narcissist, emotional & mental abuse. Your trauma, though invisible to the eye, is real, important, and valid. You are seen. This is also dedicated to my loving husband, without whom I may still be sitting in the forest. TRIGGER WARNING: Narcissist abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse,Continue reading ““The Narcissist Woods; a Short Story””

My Church Experience

The stories most often shared about churches are negative ones.. So here’s my story: August of 2020 will mark 10 years I have been a part of my church. At first it was difficult adjusting because at 22 there were not many people my age in the church, however I quickly made friends with some ofContinue reading “My Church Experience”

The “Christian” Party

This post is not really about President Trump or his impeachment. It is about how Christians have been treating one another in light of the current U.S. political climate. Christians with liberal views on American politics breathed a sigh of relief all over the United States last week when Christianity Today published an editorial entitled,Continue reading “The “Christian” Party”

“Call the Wind: My New Endeavor”

Hello, world! Though I have kept a blog via LiveJournal since the early 2000s (I hear all the Millennials chuckling), I have decided to take this to the next level to expand my reach. I will be transferring and back-dating my old posts over to “Call the Wind” so you may look back at myContinue reading ““Call the Wind: My New Endeavor””

“Christians Are Hypocrites”

How come people say Christians are hypocrites? They don’t practice what they preach, you say? They preach love, forgiveness, chastity, kindness etc etc. But the rest of the world is not preaching these things. The rest of the world may not have the same values, so when they don’t follow those “Christian values”, they don’tContinue reading ““Christians Are Hypocrites””