“Slumber Disturbance”

Recently on the RELEVANT podcast the group asked listeners to share their ghost stories for Halloween. That is what has inspired me to share this story from circa 2010. I have had many experiences where I sense something evil, but what I am going to share here is the boldest thing I have witnessed.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t tamper with any kind of magic or attempt to make spirit contact as I believe that would be harmful. However, I do watch shows & movies, as well as read stories about hauntings, possessions, and other spiritual activity. I like learning so I can be prepared for this kind of spiritual warfare, and it has proved helpful thus far when I have sensed the presence of evil. I believe in angels and demons, but I am not convinced that the spirits we may encounter are formerly living human beings. Mostly because there is not much Biblical support for this. I do know that angels and demons can take various forms of their choosing so it is possible they could mislead us to believe they are our departed loved ones.

I still remember it vividly like it was yesterday. It was a couple months after moving into my mom’s new house after being away in college for a few years. At this point I had been a Christian for about 1 year. My mom’s house is in a quiet suburb, away from any trains, large trucks or anything else that would make the ground shake.

I was sleeping on an air mattress at the time while unpacking since it had been some time since I lived with my mom. The head of the air mattress was touching a tall, poorly made (ehem.. Ikea) dresser. The type where you can wiggle it a bit if you try. Well, something I could not see was trying. I woke up in the middle of the night to the dresser moving drastically side to side and knocking into my air mattress. I feared the dresser was going to fall on top of me! I lifted my head and looked around, assuming it was a minor earthquake. NOTHING ELSE IN MY ROOM WAS MOVING!! After about 30 seconds of looking around, the wobbling stopped and I got up and went to my mom’s room which shares a wall with the one that my bed & dresser were against to see if she had felt the tremor. She was awake and said she felt nothing. All paintings and pictures on the wall were in the same place. Nothing on any surfaces in her room had been disturbed.

I left her room thinking I had dreamed the whole thing, until I saw a ceramic angel I had on my dresser had tipped over. I want to be clear: I wasn’t afraid- I was TICKED OFF! Something was seriously stepping to a child of God?! Did they have any idea who they were dealing with?? So, I started casting it out in the name of Jesus in my bedroom and read Scripture until I fell asleep.

The next day I spoke to my mom about it and she said it was suspicious timing since she had just recently taken out & used her old Tarot cards that she hadn’t touched since the move. She shared there had been some odd spiritual activity at the apartment she just moved from, such as gold writing on her walls in the middle of the night. I shared with her what I had learned about Tarot (ie. It’s “no fire to sit by” in Isaiah, what it could welcome into the home, etc) and she decided to get rid of them. Around this time late at night I would hear a growling sound and I would cast out whatever it was in Jesus’ name, then it would stop. I lived in the home for 6 more years and nothing else happened in the house after this ordeal, probably due to my mom getting rid of the cards and me casting out whatever entity that was in our home. She still lives there and it is a very peaceful place.

Have you ever had an add encounter that you thought could be supernatural? What happened and how did you respond?? Leave it below in the comments!

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